Community Learning and Home School Partnership

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The Community Learning and Home School Partnership offer a range of learning opportunities for adults and families whose first language is not English. The classes are designed to build the skills and confidence necessary to enable them to lead a full and independent life in the UK.

ESOL classes

Everyone has their own learning goals and programmes are designed to help with a range of everyday challenges from shopping and basic conversations to supporting their child's learning or helping with their job.

Initially a member of the Community Learning team will meet with the learner to look at your goals (what you want to achieve) and accessibility to decide which class is the best fit. 

Classes are free and open to people who are living in South Lanarkshire. They take place all over South Lanarkshire during the day and also in the evening.

ESOL clubs

The ESOL clubs provide learners with additional social opportunities to enhance and practice their English language skills.

The clubs meet monthly with a planned programme of speakers and topics in place for learners to find out how to access local services and activities and promote their independence in the community.

To find out if there is a club operating in your area contact your local office - details in the contact us section on the right.

ESOL Family Project

The ESOL Family Project is a special programme that aims to support families whose first language is not English. 

Mums and dads along with their primary one children are invited along to a range of fun activities that help support what the children are learning at school. This holistic approach has proved highly successful in supporting families and making them more confident in communicating with their children’s school.

Currently the family project runs in the Hamilton and Cambuslang / Rutherglen areas. To find out what's on in your area visit the Community Learning website or contact your local team.