Community Learning and Home School Partnership

Family learning

Mums, dads and carers are their children’s primary educators. Children and young people only spend 15% of their time in school which leaves 85% spent at home and in the community.

We provide a wide range of opportunities to help engage mums, dads and carers in their own and their children’s learning. These include:

Curricular Programmes

Fun, family friendly activities that directly link into classroom activities including:

  • The Adventures of Ted
  • Storysacks
  • Fit Future
  • Mathswise
  • Literacy boxes
  • Homework refreshers

Parenting Support Programmes:

Helping mums, dads and carers in their role as parents including:

  • Building self esteem in your child
  • Managing children’s behaviour
  • Speakeasy – talking to your child about growing up, relationships and sex
  • Strengthening families

Family Learning Activities:

A diverse range of fun, family activities which explore learning in its widest context, including:

  • Programmes for families whose first language is not English (ESOL families project)
  • Outdoor Learning – Campcraft
  • Family Fun Time
  • Family Cookery
  • Transition programmes

Although we do not have staff in every school, every school can access resources, training and support from the team. Community based programmes are open to all families living in the area.

To find out what is on in your area visit our Community Learning website or contact your local team