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Applying for an early learning and childcare place

Placement options

The table below shows the type of placement options available.

Type of Establishment Number of weeks provided Patterns available for child to attend Additional non-funded hours available

Primary School Nursery Classes

38 weeks  (term time)

Mon to Fri 9am - 3pm

3pm - 4 pm only

Speak to the Head of Establishment - chargeable 

Council-run Nursery Centres

52 weeks (year round)

Term-time patterns are not available in these establishments

Some patterns that can be considered are:

Long mornings: 8am - 12:35pm

Long afternoons 1pm - 5:35pm

Start of week: Mon full day, Tues full day, Wed am

End of week: Wed pm, Thurs full day, Fri full day

Extended hours should be requested via Head of Establishment - chargeable 

Funded providers (including childminders)

From 38 to 52 weeks agreed between provider and parents

From 30 hours per week (38 weeks) to 22 hours per week (52 weeks) agreed between provider and parents

By arrangement with provider - costs set by provider

Blended childcare model

38 to 52 weeks – combined hours cannot exceed 1140hours

Total annual entitlement will be split between establishments identified by parents details agreed between parent and providers

Any hours above funded sessions chargeable - contact Head of Establishment

Gaelic Provision (Mount Cameron Primary School Nursery Class

38 weeks

Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm

3pm - 4 pm only

Request via Head of Establishment - chargeable

Please state your preference on your application and we will endeavour to provide your choice. Any special arrangements you require should be discussed with the Head of establishment.

Parents are asked to provide 3 choices of establishment.  If your first choice is not available, we can offer your next choice as an alternative and, if need be, the third choice. If none of your choices have spaces, we will allocate your child to a nursery nearby which has a space. When demand for places in a nursery exceeds places available it is necessary to have a system for allocation of spaces in a transparent and equitable way. Our admissions policy sets out how we do this.

Extended hours

Extended hours are chargeable and are available in some establishments.  You should discuss this with your Head of Establishment.

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