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Applying for a nursery place

Nursery places are not identified by catchment areas.  You can use our nursery A-Z and area lists for details of Council run and partner provider nurseries.  The Locate It mapping service can also be used to find information on local nurseries by using your postcode or address (options such as nurseries, car parks etc will be listed on the mapping page on the left hand side). 

Once you have decided which nursery you want your child to go to, you should contact them to apply. Application forms are available from all Council and partner provider nurseries.

Your first choice is not guaranteed so you should indicate a second and third choice on your application form.  Only one application should be submitted per child and submitted to your first choice nursery by 30 April.

The normal allocation is five mornings or five afternoons a week for three hours and ten minutes each day for 38 weeks. You may be able to purchase extra hours, where available. You should discuss this with the head or manager of the nursery. 

If your circumstances change or you want to transfer to another nursery you should fill out a transfer form available from the nursery your child goes to.

There are three intakes a year and children are eligible for a funded place in the intake following their third birthday:

  • Intake 1: August-December. Children who are three years old before 31 August.
  • Intake 2: January-March. Children who are three years old before 31 December.
  • Intake 3: March-June. Children who are three years old before the last day of February. 


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