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Nursery applications

received by 30 April 2019 for the August 2019 – June 2020 intakes will receive an outcome letter by mid-June

Nursery classes, centres and schools

We have a wide range of nurseries in South Lanarkshire, from nursery classes in primary schools, nursery centres and schools. We also work with partners in the private and voluntary sector.

Full details are in our nursery lists (A-Z)  and by area.

Nursery classes

We have 57 nursery classes based in schools for 3-5 year-olds. They are open term-time generally from 8.45-11.55am and 1pm-4.10pm.

Parents can apply to the nursery of their choice as there are no catchment areas for nurseries. Please note that if your child attends a nursery in a primary school, it does not mean the child will automatically have a place at the primary school. Please read our page on enrolling your child for school for more information. All nurseries are non-denominational, no matter where they are located. 

Nursery centres

We have 13 nursery centres across South Lanarkshire. These are generally open from 8am-6pm and can offer full day provision throughout the year, where available. Nursery centres cater for children between the ages of either 0-5 or 2-5.

Nursery schools

We have one nursery school in South Lanarkshire. It is open term-time between 8.45am-11.55am and 1pm-4.10pm.

Partnership nurseries

We are in 'partnership' with 60 private and voluntary nurseries and playgroups and one childminder. We provide funding to these services to provide pre-school education. Partner providers need to meet the same standards as Council run nurseries.

Gaelic nursery

Mount Cameron Primary School in East Kilbride has a Gaelic Unit which teaches children from nursery through to Primary 7.

For the nursery years and the first three years of primary school, the children have total immersion in Gaelic.

From there the curriculum is delivered in both English and Gaelic. The policy of the unit is based on the Curriculum for Excellence guidelines for Gaelic.