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Langlands Moss nature reserve

Langlands Moss is an important and rare habitat - a lowland raised bog.  Raised bogs are peatlands, the oldest of which date back to the last Ice Age.

Peat forms where there is high rainfall and low temperatures. The peat then forms into a raised dome, often several metres thick, which rests on the water table. 

The site is signposted from Torrance Roundabout on the A726 Strathaven Road in East Kilbride, just south of the Calderglen Country Park main entrance. You can also walk using the footpath from Calderglen. A boardwalk provides public access to the bog itself.

Langlands Moss is wet and can be dangerous in places so you should stay on the paths and boardwalk.

For more information on raised bogs contact the Countryside Rangers.

If you would like to help with the improvement of Langlands Moss or find out more about the work that has taken place please contact the Countryside and Greenspace Service or visit the the Friends of Langlands Moss website.

Countryside and Greenspace Service

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