Rent harmonisation

Following consultation in 2007, South Lanarkshire introduced a rent system, based mainly on house size and type, meaning:

  • Rent increases for new tenants were introduced in January 2007    
  • Rent increases or decreases for existing tenants will change gradually from April 2010 

What the system means for you

Tenants in their homes before 1 January 2007

If you remain in your current home, your rent will adjust annually towards the agreed harmonised rent 

Tenants after 1 January 2007

Where the new property rent has increased, you will pay the new rent.  

Transferring or mutually exchanging to another property

Transfers or mutual exchanges will be considered as a new tenancy (see above)

Succeeding to a council tenancy

Succeeding a tenancy (for example, you lived with a parent who has died), will be considered as an existing tenancy

You can now check your Rent account balance online using myaccount.

If you need more information you can contact your local housing area office.