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Care of gardens scheme

Other tenants and homeowners

If you own your home, are a housing association tenant or rent your property from a private landlord, there is a charge for the Care of Gardens Scheme.

Costs for 2018 season

  • grass cutting and collection (14 cuts a year between April and October), edge strimming as required and the application of weed killer once a year, will be £295.18 (including VAT)
  • if you also want your hedges cut (if under five feet in height), there will be an additional cost of £89.64 (including VAT) for two cuts a year. Work will be carried out between May and November
  • there is also an administration fee of £21.24 (including VAT).

If you join the scheme after March, you will only be charged for the months you are in the scheme.

If you would like to join the Care of Gardens Scheme, you can apply online. You have to pay the admin fee of £21.24 when you apply. Please have your payment details ready for when you make your application. Your application can't be processed until the administration fee has been paid.

Once your application has been processed we will add you to the next available programme and issue an invoice for the work you have requested.

To pay your invoice, please see our Payment of care of gardens invoice page.