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Upskilling - tackling in-work poverty

Making work pay for low paid workers

The primary aim of the service is to help reduce in-work poverty by enabling people in receipt of in-work benefits, limited hours, zero hours contracts etc progress to better paid, more secure employment and to develop and improve their ability to make work pay.

The service will support any suitable and  eligible individuals to undertake training, qualifications or other activity that will lead to a predefined outcome resulting in improved employment circumstances.
To be eligible for up-skilling support, individuals in employment must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Aged 25+
  • living in South Lanarkshire
  • Demonstrate multiple barriers to employment – this can be few/no qualifications, health issues or disabilities, previous experiences of unemployment

This programme also offers support to local employers.

This programme seeks to enhance the rates of pay, working hours and career aspirations of low paid workers who are at risk of experiencing in-work poverty. Employers will need to show that they have a clear commitment to improve their employees circumstances.

On offer to employers will be the opportunity for eligible staff to develop additional and improved skills that will enable that member of staff to secure additional hours/secure better contractual conditions i.e. not zero hour, be eligible for enhanced rates of pay or promotion. This can be achieved through access to job specific training, certification and formal qualifications which both the employer and employee are  commit to.

The Council hopes that by offering accredited training to eligible participants, especially in the worst 15% data zones that we can safeguard jobs and increase aspirations which will enable participants to compete for better paid jobs and also remove the need of their accessing state benefits.


  • Employees reside in worst 15% datazones in South Lanarkshire. You can check this by entering your employees postcode in the mapping checker
  • Wages less than £18000pa or less than 20-hour contract
  • Employer commitment to progress employees

So if you are an employee and think this might benefit you or you are an employer and would like to explore the available options Please contact :

Peter Shiels
Phone 01698 453652