Working Matters

Help when you are out of work

Working Matters (WM) is a voluntary programme, where you will be supported by a keyworker on a 1-1 basis, using remote/digital communication methods.

WM participants will be in receipt of benefits and affected by a range of issues / barriers that make work, education or training challenging, such as mental health issues, childcare, addictions (alcohol or drug) and homelessness.

WM offers the opportunity to explore options, get help with confidence, self-esteem, training and new skills. Working Matters is the first step in a journey to paid employment.

Working Matters staff will provide information and advice, geared to getting ready to go back to work, education or training, providing help to access support activities tailored to their needs. 

We will support you by helping with digital access including social media, remote learning and digital skills.

Please email or call our team:

  • Owen on 07385 032020
  • Louise on 07385 032002

Help when you are in work

Working Matters More is a South Lanarkshire Council programme to help identify your barriers and support you to progress in your career.

Working together with your key worker, you will draw up an individual development plan aimed at addressing your barriers for example lack of qualifications, low skill level, disability, mental or ill-health, literacy or numeracy problems, child care barriers, financial issues and look to explore a range of support activities tailored to meet your individual needs. These include accessing training to enhance skill set, achieve a qualification, health and wellbeing support. Also information and guidance is available on matters such as housing, managing debt, budgeting and personal development.

If you require further information please email or call our team:

  • Diane on 01698 452041
  • Susan  on 01698 452078
  • Samantha on 01698 452076

Please note: With the current Coronavirus crisis causing rapid changes to the jobs market, funding and social distancing rules; we will be flexible and keep adapting the programme to local needs.

At present, this is an accurate picture of the Working Matters Programme in 2020