Skip permits

Skip hire owners or companies need a permit from us to put a builder's skip on a public road.

How to apply

Fill out a skip permit application form and return it to any roads office five working days before the day you need the skip delivered.

You will need to include a sketch plan showing where the skip(s) will sit.

How the application is dealt with

It is in the public interest that we process your application before it can be granted so tacit consent will not be given.

If you haven't heard from us within 28 days please contact Enterprise Resources and we will let you know about your application's progress.

Can anyone object?


How much does it cost?

£60 per 14-day period.

Terms and conditions

The skip must be clearly marked with the owner's name and address or telephone number.

You must comply with any conditions attached to the permission we give you. The permit may limit you to placing the skip on the road only, not the footpath. Or, the permit may not allow you to put it within 15m of any junction.