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Licensing applications - online

This is a list of the licences for which you can apply online

 Adult Gaming Centre
 Betting (Other)
 Betting (Track)
 Booking Office
 Club Gaming Machine Permit
 Club Gaming Permit
 Family Entertainment Centre
 Indoor Sports Entertainment
 Knife Dealer
 Late Hours Catering
 Market Operator
 Metal Dealer
 Metal Dealer (Itinerant)
 Occasional Licence
 Personal Licence
 Premises Licence
 Private Hire Car Driver
 Private Hire Car Operator
 Private Hire Car Operator Limousine
 Prize Gaming Permit
Public Charitable Collections
 Public Entertainment
 Second Hand Dealer
 Sex Shop
 Skin Piercing and Tattooing
 Small Lotteries
 Street Trader (Mobile)
 Street Trader (Static)
 Taxi Driver
 Taxi Operator
 Unlicensed FEC Machine Permit
 Window Cleaner