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Speaking at a planning committee

You might be invited to speak at a planning committee (a hearing) if you have written to us either supporting or objecting to a planning application. The purpose of a hearing is to allow the views of applicants and those who have made representations to be heard by councillors before a planning decision is taken.

This only applies to:

  1. Major developments that don't comply in a significant way with land use policies in the development plan. We must offer you the option to speak at committee for this. For an explanation of what major developments are see our guidance note on pre-application consultation - definitions of developments.
  2. An application that receives a lot of objections and where the planning officer is recommending the application is approved. The decision on what applications this applies to is made by the Head of Planning and Building Services and the Chair of the committee.

Your request to speak must get to us a minimum of two working days before the committee. It has to be made to and received by our Executive Director (Community and Enterprise Resources) or Head of Planning and Building Standards Services.
No more than three people (spokespeople) can appear on behalf of all those objecting to the application (the objectors).