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Carers Strategy

All our information pages in respect of Carers and caring are undergoing a refresh to capture the new rights carers can benefit from through the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016.

We have carried out research to inform the Carers Strategy and we know that:

  • 14% of people aged 16 and over in South Lanarkshire provide care regularly
  • 51% of carers are aged 60 and over
  • only 11% of young carers see friends every day, compared to 37% of young people with no caring duties
  • a carer's situation and needs can change regularly
  • the most important issue is getting the right information as the right time for things such as finances and getting short breaks
  • carers value being able to develop relationships with the professionals working with them, including doctors, nursing and other NHS staff, social workers and other council staff as well as voluntary organisations

Priority themes

The priorities and outcomes of the strategy have been influenced by local and national developments including:

  • feedback from carers
  • national and local research
  • the national carers strategy, Caring Together and Getting it right for Young Carers
  • evaluation of work funded through the NHS Lanarkshire Carers Information Strategy

We have set the following four outcomes:

  • carers have as good skills and confidence as possible
  • carers have the best health and wellbeing possible
  • the cared for person has the best quality of life possible
  • carers are satisfied with their experience of our services

We will work on the following key issues:

  • Reshaping care for older people. This has highlighted the issues faced by carers and we want to make sure that a strategic approach is taken for a lasting impact
  • Parent carers of all ages. This will build on Time to Think About which worked with older parent carers but will also consider the needs of parent carers of all ages
  • Planning for unexpected events. This also builds on Time to Think About and the need to support carers to plan for the future
  • Carers of people with long term conditions, especially dementia and mental health
  • Young carers 

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