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All our information pages in respect of Carers and caring are undergoing a refresh to capture the new rights carers can benefit from through the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016.

Carers provide care to family members friends or neighbours.  The care they provide is unpaid and so is very different to that of paid carers who are employed through a care agency or as a Personal Assistant (PA).  Carers may provide support to adults or older people who are affected by physical or mental ill health (often long term) as well as to people who may have a disability, be affected by substance misuse or whom may be frail through old age or illness.  Carers may also support people with a life-limiting or terminal illness.

Parents may also be carers.  They may support a child (or children) who has additional support needs.  Children and young people may also provide care to a family member, friend or a neighbour.

The caring role will be different for every carer.  Some carers may support more than one person, some carers will not live in the same house as the person being cared for, carers may be male or female, from the same sex relationships or from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities.

Our approach to supporting carers

Within South Lanarkshire, there is a long-established partnership approach to supporting carers, which involves the NHS, the Council and the voluntary sector working together with and for carers.

It is estimated that 38,023 people are carers within South Lanarkshire.  Our Carers Strategy sets out some of the outcomes we have achieved in supporting carers and young carers and some of the work we are progressing.

We have two carers organisations within South Lanarkshire that support carers as well as a Young Carers Service.

We also have a dedicated Welfare Rights Service for carers in each of South Lanarkshire's four localities as well as a dedicated Carer Support Team set up through the NHS to support carers. 

Other agencies provide information, advice and support to carers across South Lanarkshire such as:

MECOPP have also produced a suite of information briefings including:

Carers can have their needs assessed through an Adult Carer Support Plan/Young Carers Statement.  This is carried out through Social Work Resources.