Older carers of adults with a learning disability

As a carer you may be concerned about how coronavirus will impact your health, the health of the person you care for and/or your caring role. Lanarkshire Carers Centre have provided some useful information and guidance to help you understand the current situation and the impact this will have on their services. The Scottish Government has also issued advice for unpaid carers on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

You are a carer if you provide (or intend to provide) care for another person. You can be caring for any number of hours, it does not need to be regular or substantial. The person you care for does not have to live with you.

As an older carer of an adult with a learning disability you may be a parent, a partner, a son or a daughter, a sibling, friend or neighbour to someone who needs support as a result of their learning disability.

We recognise older carers who continue to support and care for an adult with learning disabilities may have additional issues and concerns.

Our report Time to Think About highlights many of the issues raised by older carers of adults with a learning disability. These issues are being considered and used to influence both practice and policy in South Lanarkshire in the development of services. It is expected that the plan will undergo a refresh within the next strategic commissioning reporting period to help us to consider the developments we need to action to continue to support older carers of adults with a learning disability.

Carers Assessments
All Carers have the right to request an assessment called an Adult Carer Support Plan. Carers can request the plan through Lanarkshire Carers Centre or the local social work office.

Emergency Planning
We can provide you with information and signposting about emergency planning through our Social Work Emergency Services team or the third sector organisation Enable.


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