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Carers assessments

All our information pages in respect of Carers and caring are undergoing a refresh to capture the new rights carers can benefit from through the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016.

If you are providing care you can have your needs assessed.  It is important to note that the assessment process is changing in Scotland in relation to carers and young carers as a result of the Carers (Scotland Act 2016)

At present you can request a carers assessment if you provide care by contacting your local social work office.  Young carers can also have their needs assessed through the Young Carers Service.

The carers assessment is the opportunity for you to sit down with an employee from Social Work Resources to talk through the support you provide.  This will allow for a better understanding of your caring role, how this impacts on your life and what support you feel you may need.  Services may be offered as a result of your assessment but sometimes doing things differently or accessing support from voluntary sector agencies can make a difference.

The council may provide services to either you as a carer or to the person you support (or indeed both of you).  The assessment process (self-directed support) takes into account your needs as a carer and those of the person you provide care for.  Carers have gained new legal rights under self-directed support and if, as a carer you are allocated a budget to meet your assessed eligible needs, you will have more choice and control as to how your needs are met.

If you would like more information on the assessment process and the changes that are taking place, contact either carers' organisations: LCC or SLCN.  Information on carers rights can be found on both organisations webpages.