Carers Strategy

As a carer you may be concerned about how coronavirus will impact your health, the health of the person you care for and/or your caring role. Lanarkshire Carers Centre have provided some useful information and guidance to help you understand the current situation and the impact this will have on their services. The Scottish Government has also issued advice for unpaid carers on Coronavirus (COVID-19).


What is the Carers Strategy?

The intention of the Carers Scotland Act 2016 is to ensure better and more consistent support for both adult and young carers so that they can continue to care, if they so wish, in better health and to have a life alongside caring.

The Act gives carers new and enhanced rights.  The Health and Social Care Partnership both must and want to support carers to receive all the appropriate supports and services they are eligible for at the time they need them.  To be able to do this we need to plan actions and activities that will, over an agreed period, achieve the outcomes that we have set.

How we developed the strategy

A range of research was undertaken to inform the strategy.  Our local carer organisations were consulted and the other agencies we commission to provide carer related services were asked for their feedback and input.  Carer's focus groups and in depth analysis of carer data both locally and nationally was reviewed.  The themes and outcomes from our previous strategies helped us evaluate our successes and the areas where we need to improve.

What did the research tell us?

Prevention is pivotal to helping carers maintain their health and wellbeing.  Information and advice are key to carers knowing how they find appropriate supports and services.  Carers want to get supports from their communities in their locality.  Carers want to be recognised and have a person-centered approach taken to them as individuals.  Carers value relationships with the practitioners they deal with.  Caring is unique for each carer and can change regularly.  Carers would like to be signposted from a single point of contact.

What are priority themes?

Priority 1: Carers identified, involved and valued

Priority 2: Carers have choice, control, allowing them to balance their life with their caring role

Priority 3: Carers can access the right support and services at the right time

Priority 4: Carers have a positive experience of being a carer

What is an outcome and how we decided what they are?

An outcome is the difference our activities and actions will make for carers.

We want carers to have a life alongside and outside their caring role.  We want carers to feel valued and supported.  We want carers to have good health and wellbeing and be able to maintain their caring role if they so choose.  The outcomes will be person-centred to both the carer and the cared-for person.  The outcomes must be meaningful and relevant to the needs of the carers.






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