Local Eligibility Criteria

As a carer you may be concerned about how coronavirus will impact your health, the health of the person you care for and/or your caring role. Lanarkshire Carers Centre have provided some useful information and guidance to help you understand the current situation and the impact this will have on their services. The Scottish Government has also issued advice for unpaid carers on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 sets out a duty to local authorities to prepare and make known their eligibility criteria for carers.

The Scottish Government has instructed local authorities to set their own eligibility criteria for carers, recognising that there needs to be fairness of provision, whilst offering support to carers on a preventative basis.

What is Local Eligibility Criteria?

Put simply: it is the set of rules used to see if carers have a support need and what level that need is at.  This decision-making tool helps to identify who is eligible for what type of support and will ensure carers are appropriately supported.

The right level and type of support if achieved would reduce the impact of caring and the associated risks which will allow the carer to continue in their caring role if they so wish.

What are "eligible needs"?

The Adult Carer Support Plan or Young Carers Statement will formally record the needs identified outcomes of carers; the plan will be used to assess the needs of carers.  Some of these needs will 'trigger' support; they will be 'eligible needs' and the eligibility criteria will show how these needs fall into the 'eligibility category'.  The statutory guidance on the Carers (Scotland) Act describes, " a Carers eligible needs as those identified for support that cannot be met through support to the person they care for or through accessing services that are available generally".

Why do we identify outcomes?

Put simply: Carers' assessed needs and outcomes will be identified and recorded through the Adult Carer Support Plan or Young Carer Statement.

Needs that are assessed as "eligible" and "non-eligible" can be met in a range of ways from a range or organisations.  These needs will fall into categories of risk:

No - Low - Moderate - Substantial - Critical

For full information read the Local Eligibility Criteria document or get advice from either Lanarkshire Carers Centre or by contacting your local social work office.



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