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Family Support Services

We help parents look after their children. Services are either given directly to the children or through support for parents and include:

  • advice and advocacy
  • counselling
  • home care and practical support
  • substance misuse support
  • befriending
  • support for young carers
  • family centres 
  • intensive family support  

These services are organised by Child and Family teams at social work offices, through the Integrated Family Support teams, schools and nurseries. The integrated family support teams are made up of workers from health, social work and education and they work together to provide drop-in sessions, courses in parenting such as managing teenage behaviour and healthy lifestyles. The aim is to build the parents' skills and confidence in raising their children.

There are some children and their families who will need help with emotional, behavioural or mental health problems. Family support services can do this. However, if you need more intensive help, we work with health services in child and family clinics.

There are also two family centres in South Lanarkshire, one in Burnbank, Hamilton and the other in Rutherglen/Cambuslang area.  There is also a Lone Parent Support Project who work closely with the Burnbank Family Centre. These centres offer advice and services for parents and their children.

For more information or if you want to contact your local Child and Family Team please contact your local social work office on 0303 123 1008.