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Performance and progress

Justice covers a number of services, some of which operate across all parts of Social Work services. We work consistently to improve the safety of people in the community and to deliver justice fairly and efficiently.

These indicators are a reflection of the work undertaken and the efficiency of the service to meet national and local targets within the required timescales.

For further information on our 'Performance at a glance' please visit our webpage on Public Performance reporting

Criminal Justice Social Work Reports (CJSWR)

Criminal Justice Social Work Reports (CJSWR) help to assist with the sentencing process by providing information on social work interventions and how these may impact upon offending behaviour:

Measure 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 Target
 Criminal Justice Social Work Reports (CJSWR) % submitted to court by the due date  98%  97%  97%  97%

The number of reports submitted to court during the year 2014/15 totalled 1746 which is consistent with 2013/14.  We continue to perform well, continually achieving our annual target of 97%.

Community Payback Orders

During 2014/15, a collective total of 73,316 hours of unpaid work have been invested to accomplish various scales of projects and referrals to the benefit of the community throughout South Lanarkshire.  There were 1216 Community Payback orders in respect of 965 offenders, this was made up of 822 males and 143 females.  There were 922 of these new Community Payback Orders with an Unpaid Work Requirement.

The Unpaid Work Service received 516 referrals from a variety of sources, such as Shelter and Loretto Housing, South Lanarkshire Councillors, Housing and Technical Resources, Women's Aid, Churches, Community and Environmental groups and schools to carry out community payback work.

This work covered a range of issues which could be identified in four distinct categories, Gardening, Environmental, Painting and Removals. Some of the projects to benefit from this were:

  • Langlands Moss Nature Reserve
  • Castlebank Park
  • Kirkhill Church
  • Holmhills Wood Community Park
  • Commonwealth Legacy Project
  • Needle Green Sheltered Housing Project

The Unpaid Work Service has experienced a very progressive and evolving year.  During 2014/15 they received 1216 Community Payback Orders, 1041 (86%) were for Male offenders and 175 (14%) were for females, as outlined in the table below.

Supervision Requirement 495 91 586
Unpaid Work or Other Activity 812 110 922
Alcohol Treatment Requirement 3 0 3
Drug Treatment Requirement 1 0 1
Compensation Requirement 23 4 27
Conduct Requirement 174 41 215
Mental Health Treatment Requirement 1 0 1
Programme Requirement 29 1 30
Residence Requirement 1 0 1