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Restorative justice

We work with young offenders aged 12-18 to help them take responsibility for their actions by giving them the opportunity to make amends - this is called Restorative Justice.

It is also a chance for victims of crime or personal harm to tell their story and have a say in how a young person can repair the harm done.

Taking part is voluntary for both victims and offenders.

If you have been a victim of a crime committed by a young person you can talk to a local office social worker about how you felt. They may then discuss this with the young person with your permission.

You could also have a mediated face-to-face meeting.

You could also decide not to take part in the service but still be told the outcome of the work done with the young person.

Restorative Justice is a partnership with the Community Police, Children's Reporters Office, Anti-Social Behaviour Teams and youth projects to help keep young people out of the Children's Hearing system.