Justice Services for women

The aim of this service is to offer support, advice and guidance to women in order to reduce the risk of them being further involved with the justice system.

We hope that by providing access to appropriate supports, services and resources at an early stage and by identifying any particular areas of need, we can empower women to make positive decisions to help them improve different areas of their life, which in the past may have contributed to some difficulties or challenges for them.

This service can provide an opportunity to either chat on the phone or can arrange for a women's service worker to meet and work to consider the best options and what may be the best service provisions available in their local area. The service will make any necessary referrals or links with the services chosen.

The kinds of support that can be made available are:

  • Support can be offered to help women access appropriate services in relation to addressing any difficulties with alcohol or substance misuse
  • Support can be provided in relation to housing issues or difficulties
  • Support can be arranged in relation to financial and benefits advice for women
  • Women can receive support and advice about help available to develop confidence, self-esteem and resilience
  • Services are available to promote health and wellbeing and to support women to access local services within their community.  This can include access to activities and local leisure pursuits
  • There are specialist services available to support women who have experienced domestic violence or controlling behaviour
  • Support can be provided to women to access appropriate health services
  • Support can be provided to help women with particular areas in their life in order to reduce re-offending and with appropriate supports help their reintegration back into the community
  • Support can be provided to help women in South Lanarkshire to improve relationships and links with their children and their families or people they recognise as being important in their lives
  • Support can be provided to help women make choices about possible learning and employment opportunities

Partner support agencies include:

You can access the services by calling 0789655254, 07519681175 or 07795090330.

If nobody is available please leave a message or send a text and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.