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MAPPA Annual Report 2022

How does it work?


MAPPA is a tiered framework, based on three interconnected levels at which risk of harm is assessed and managed. Resources are focused upon the cases where they are most needed, generally those presenting the highest risk of serious harm. The levels are:

Level 1: routine risk management – this level of risk management is used in cases where the risks posed by the offender can be managed by one agency without actively or significantly involving other agencies

Level 2: multi-agency risk management – where the active involvement of multiple agencies is required to manage and reduce the risk of serious harm posed, but where either the level of risk or the complexity of managing the risk is not so great as to require management at Level 3.

Level 3: Multi Agency Public Protection Panels (MAPPP) – for the critical few where the risk presented can only be managed by a plan which requires close co-operation at a senior level. This would normally be due to the complexity of the case and/or because of the unusual resource commitments required. It can also be where there are high levels of media scrutiny and/or public interest in the management of the case.

Co-ordination is a crucial element of the MAPPA and ensures that the relevant functions of the framework operate effectively. When an offender is subject to the SONR, the MAPPA Co-ordinator receives a MAPPA notification. Where the offender meets the Level 2 or 3 criteria, a referral is made. Thereafter, the Co-ordinator facilitates the responsible authorities in their statutory responsibility to do the following:

  • Receive referrals for RSOs, other risk of serious harm offenders and restricted patients who pose a risk of serious harm which needs to be managed at either Level 2 or Level 3;
  • Share information relevant to the management of the risk of serious harm with other agencies within MAPPA on the basis that the information will be held securely and used by appropriate personnel within those agencies for public protection purposes only;
  • Receive the risk management plans and minutes from all relevant Level 2 and Level 3 meetings, showing clearly the status of each offender, the agencies which are delivering components of the plan and review arrangements;
  • Provide a single point of contact for advice on all aspects of MAPPA.

Information sharing