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MAPPA Annual Report 2022

Progress Report on Business Plan 2021/2022


Action Success Measure Who Update/Criteria
Issues with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) to be highlighted and NLC case study presented to Social Work Scotland (SWS) SWS to be informed of issues with NRPF and raised at national level to improve partnership working arrangements MOG/SOG  Presentation delivered to SWS by NLC Justice Services on 10 September 2021 and NRPF Protocol shared for information of MAPPA partners
Continue developing partnership working arrangements with Older Adult Services in NLC and SLC Training is arranged to increase awareness and knowledge of MAPPA across all sectors of Older Adult Services, including Care at Home and Residential Care Home staff. Older Adult Services reps to be invited onto MOG Training Sub-Group MAPPA Awareness presentation delivered to Older Adult Services staff and Care Home staff. Reps from Older Adult Services invited onto MOG as permanent members
Monitor the progress of a National Care Service and any impact on MAPPA Monitor at national level MOG and SOG Participation in ongoing consultation regarding National Care Service by MAPPA partners and responses provided
Establish a local procedure for Environmental Risk Assessment's (ERA) at Care Homes (both Private and Public) Multi-agency review of the ERA process in relation to Care Home settings to be conducted to improve decision-making in line with National Accommodation Strategy for Sex Offenders (NASSO) guidance and fit for purpose locally Housing Sub-Group NASSO Guidance on Accommodation of Multiple Occupancy utilised. Protocol and Guidance  circulated
Implement the new MAPPA guidance for Scotland when published Implement the new MAPPA guidance for Scotland when published by the Scottish Government MOG and SOG New guidance published on 31 March 2022 and implemented across Lanarkshire
Conduct a review of the MAPPA Level 1 process within SLC and NLC Review of process conducted MOG and SOG SLC concluded Level 1 review audit in January 2022 with shared learning outcomes and action plan completion scheduled for September 2022. NLC considered Level 1 process during restructure and appointed Level 1 Chairs to improve service
Monitor and implement any changes introduced by the National Forensic Service Independent Review Monitor and action as required MOG and SOG Recommendations still being considered at national level
Supressed demand response due to COVID to be monitored Situation monitored and addressed where required MOG and SOG Situation has been monitored throughout the pandemic. MAPPA individuals have been prioritised in accordance with their Risk Management Plan. This ensured appropriate response to crisis intervention or increased risk. Partnership approach was maintained and all MAPPA meetings have continued to be attended
Structural changes to NLC Justice Services to be circulated Details of changes circulated MOG and SOG Complete. Details of changes circulated to MAPPA partners in July 2021


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