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MAPPA Annual Report 2022

Future Business Plan 2022/2023


The multi-agency members of the Lanarkshire Management Operational Group (MOG) and Strategic Oversight Group (SOG) worked collaboratively to produce the following business plan to address the key issues for the period 2022/2023.

Lanarkshire MAPPA remains committed to ensuring that best practice and innovation remain at the forefront of managing offenders. This commitment remains unaltered by the exceptional challenges presented by the COVID-19 situation. All agencies have agreed to work together in partnership, to manage offenders and jointly address issues of risk.  With the core feature to protect the public through effective work with offenders, the shared aim is to help change offending behaviour and mitigate the risk of re-offending.

Action Success Measure Who When Update Criteria
Examine impact and complexity of increase in Level 1 cases across Lanarkshire, including possible increases in coming years Scope demand and capacity issues and evaluate impact to ensure Level 1 cases are appropriately resourced and managed MOG/Short Life Working Group By 31 March 2023  
Staff Training to be delivered in relation to operational procedures for 2022 MAPPA Guidance regarding Cat 3 cases, Initial Case Review/Significant Case Review process, Serious Harm etc to ensure consistency of approach Training is provided to multi-agency staff in relation to relevant areas of 2022 MAPPA Guidance to increase awareness and knowledge Training Sub-Group By 31 July 2022  
Learning experience from other MAPPA areas regarding Cat 3 Terrorist or Terrorism related cases to be examined, including links to PREVENT agenda and potential cross-border issues Best practice review to be undertaken to enhance knowledge and capacity to deal with relevant Cat 3 cases MOG and SOG By 31 March 2023  
Review pre and post-COVID working practices, including use of Teams, service delivery model etc to ensure MAPPA practices remain fit for purpose  MAPPA attendees questionnaire to explore outcomes and impact sent to relevant staff i.e. Prison Based Social Work, Scottish Prison Service, Justice, Housing, Police etc and feedback used to compare/contrast and inform working practices MOG and Short Life Working Group By 31 March 2023  
Monitor impact of information sharing changes locally and nationally Information sharing changes monitored and addressed locally and nationally SOG and MOG By 31 March 2023  
Consider impact of National Care Service locally and nationally Local partnership groups monitored progress of National Care Service and implemented changes where applicable SOG and MOG By 31 March 2023  

Information sharing