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Day Care Service Review

This webpage is currently being updated and therefore may contain out of date information

A Service Review is when we look at a particular area of services it delivers to its citizens, including the different elements which make up the entire service including costs and staffing. This Review of Adult and Older People Day Services will include the following:

  • Council provided day care for older people
  • Council provided day opportunities for adults with disabilities
  • Services which the Council contract or purchase from other organisations to provide day services for adults and older people

A Service Review aims to identify if there are areas where improvements could be made.

Why are we doing the Service Review?

Early in 2019 the Social Work Resources Committee which is made up of local Councillors, asked for adult and older people day services to be reviewed. The Committee asked for this because there were a large number of vacant day service placements.

Day Services have remained largely unchanged over the past 20 years and there has been changes to legislation and policy for example; the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016, Self-directed Support (SDS) and the South Lanarkshire Prioritisation Framework. These require day services to demonstrate personalised outcomes for individuals. There is also a considerable change in the population who use these services where people  with disabilities are living much longer and where there is a significant increase in the population of older people.

In response to the request from the Social Work Resources Committee, the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) took a proposal to Committee in May 2019 and it was agreed that an evidence based Service Review would be undertaken to examine all areas of the service.

How will we undertake the Service Review?

Initial work has begun to gather information for the Service Review. There are a number of working groups already set up to find out more detail. These working groups are:

  • Looking at building a profile of people who use day services
  • Researching what is best practice in day service design and how to deliver good outcomes for individuals who use day services
  • Consulting with people who use services, carers, employees and other partners
  • Looking at the impact of day service reform to ensure that people are treated equally and fairly
  • Considering what skills are required now and into the future from the social care workforce within day services for adults and older people

How can you be involved in the Service Review?

A range of focus groups and local consultation and engagement opportunities are being planned. Your local Day Service Manager (or a representative) will keep in touch to advise you of dates for these opportunities.

If you are not to be directly involved you could email your ideas or opinions to:

or you can write to:

Adult and Older People Day Service Review
Floor 8 Council Offices
Almada Street
Hamilton, ML3 0AA

Will anything in adult and older people day services change?

There will be no change at this stage to the way services are delivered. The Service Review will identify best practice in the delivery of day services and we will know more about what this means as the Day Service Review progresses. Currently South Lanarkshire invests more than £10 million each year in Adult and Older People day services and the HSCP has a duty to ensure this money is spent efficiently and effectively in order to meet the needs of all its citizens who require support from day services.

What will happen next?

We aim to have achieved initial consultations with service users and their family members and carers as well as those of employees and partner organisations by the end of 2019. Based on the evidence found during the Service Review, a range of options will be put forward to the Social Work Resources Committee and the Integration Joint Board (IJB), and further specific consultation will take place with service users and their carers, employees and partner organisations on these options. This further consultation will be held in the early part of 2020.


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