Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice

Licensing Services

Updated 7 October 2021

All offices are closed to the public. Enquiries will continue to be dealt with by phone and email.

New and renewal applications

We are currently unable to accept paper applications or cash payments. All new and renewal applications must be submitted electronically. You do this from our Apply for a licence - index page. You can also contact us for advice or support with this process on You should submit a scanned copy or photograph of required supporting documents. Applications will be checked by staff and you will be contacted to advise if further information is required before the application can be processed.

It is inevitable that it will take longer than usual to deal with all applications.  We must consult with Police Scotland, other external bodies and various Council departments all of whom are currently under huge pressure

Pending applications

If you have lodged an application and are waiting to find out if a decision has been reached, please bear with us. We will continue to deal with your application but it will take longer than usual. If your application was due to be considered by the Licensing Board or Licensing Committee alternative arrangements will be made and you will be contacted directly about what that will involve.

Existing licence holders

All licence holders must comply with Government advice and instruction from Police Scotland in relation to social distancing measures and any other actions required to protect public health.

Liquor licensing

Personal licence holder: renewal applications may be lodged up to the day prior to expiry date and then the existing licence will remain in place for 6 months from the expiry date. A 3 month extension will be allowed to complete training requirements.

Premises licences: The conditions of your premises licence and operating plan continue to apply. Closure due to Coronavirus does not affect the validity of your licence. Premises which sell food may provide take away and delivery services. Premises which have off-sales in their operating plan may deliver alcohol provided statutory and policy requirements are met.

Provisional premises licences – These are extended by 6 months

Transfer of licence – Late applications can be accepted

Change of premises manager – Notification period extended to 28 days. Period for variation application extended to within 3 months

Civic licensing

Renewal: All civic licence holders can apply for renewal up to 3 months after expiry date. For example if your licence expires between  on 30 April 2020 your renewal must be lodged by 30 July 2020.

Pending applications: A decision will be made within 12 months of date application was lodged

Taxi and Private Hire Car Drivers

Driver Awareness Sessions have been cancelled until further notice.

Vehicle inspections will be made in order of priority.  We will contact operators to arrange annual inspections in order of when the inspections are due. Operators are reminded that they must continue to ensure their vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Operators should continue to scan or email a copy of their insurance details to when the current insurance certificate expires.

If you have or develop any of the following symptoms please do not attend your appointment.

  • if you have a new persistent cough
  • fever/high temperature (37.8C or greater)
  • loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia)
  • or if you are within 14 days of the first person of your household  displaying symptoms of COVID-19
Let us know and we will arrange a new appointment. If you need to change this appointment please phone 01698 717728.
Do not arrive early for your appointment as there is no waiting area. You should attend the appointment alone as the number of people permitted in the reception area is limited. Please follow the social distancing measures which are in place within the building.  If you arrive late we may need to arrange a further appointment.
It is essential that you disinfect the vehicle touch points, for example, door handles external and interior, seat belts, handbrake, steering wheel, dashboard and controls before attending the appointment.
On arrival you should place the vehicle keys in the drop box provided.
Certificate of compliance – Certificates due to expire on or before 31 July 2020 have been extended by 6 months. For example if expiry date is 5 April 2020 an extension will be given to 5 October 2020.  From 1 August 2020 all annual inspections will resume. We will contact licence holders in order of when their annual inspection was due to arrange a date and time and or payment to be made over the phone as no cash or cheque payments can be accepted.

Non purpose built taxis and private hire cars reaching 10 years of age – There is an extension of 3 months to take these vehicles off the road.

Car no longer being used as taxi/private hire – Notification should be sent by email to with the name of the licence holder, licence/plate number, vehicle registration number and zone operate in. 

Taxis/Private Hire Car licence currently held in the office for safe-keeping - Safe keeping period will be extended for a further 3 months for licences currently held in the office.

Safety in taxis and private hire cars

We encourage drivers and operators to take all reasonable precautions to ensure high standards of hygiene are maintained in order to minimise the risk of infection to drivers and passengers.

The Scottish Government health guidance should be followed.

The UK Government has also published guidance for staff in the transport sector, and guidance on cleaning.

We have received enquiries as to whether taxis and private hire cars can have temporary plastic screens fitted between the front and back to protect drivers and passengers. If you intend to fit a screen it is essential that you notify your insurer and obtain their consent. Written evidence of the insurer’s consent should be sent to For a temporary screen it is not necessary to apply for a material change to the licence but if it is intended that the screen be retained as a permanent fitting an application must be made.

The conditions of licence and vehicle criteria remain in place, and in particular licence holders should have regard to the following:

  1. The holder of a licence shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the car, including all bodywork, upholstery and fittings, is maintained at all times in a safe and serviceable condition and, subject to prevailing road conditions, is kept, externally and internally, in a clean and tidy condition.

The vehicle must keep the original manufacturer’s equipment (for example, seats must not be changed).

If you have fitted a temporary plastic screen in your vehicle this must be removed prior to attending the inspection.

Licensing Standards Officers

Officers can be contacted as follows:

Mark Clinton – 07795 454547

Frank Carroll – 07788 573162

Gerry Margiotti – 07385 082039