Need help with alcohol or drug problems?

Are you worried that you are drinking too much or that your drug use is becoming a problem? If so help is at hand:

Community Addiction Recovery Services (CAReS)

CAReS can provide a full assessment of your needs and co-ordinate your health and social care recovery plan with you. This may include help with detoxing from alcohol or drugs, substitute prescribing, talking therapies, or harm reduction information. We will also encourage you to explore other ways of gaining support in your recovery, by thinking about important relationships within your life and local community (for example mutual aid groups).

We will also work with other Social Work Services (for example Children and Family Social Work or Justice Services) to help you think through how your alcohol or drug problem is affecting these important areas of your life. We can also provide help with housing or employment as part of your recovery plan.

We have a combination of health and social care staff within our service. Once we have had a chance to speak to you, we will work out together the best person to help you in your recovery.

How can I get help from CAReS?

Your GP or social care professional can refer you to the service or you can refer yourself by completing a self-referral form, which is available from any health centre or GP practice in your area or you can telephone one of the numbers listed below.

Where will I be seen?

We can see you in a variety of places, including community health centres, local social work offices or at home if required. We are based in the following premises:


  • Clydesdale local Social Work Office ,Council Offices, South Vennel, Lanark, ML11 7JT Phone: 0303 123 1008
  • Carluke Community Health Centre, 40 Chapel Street, Carluke, ML8 4BA Phone: 01555 777431


  • Cambuslang/Rutherglen local Social Work Office, Cambuslang Gate, 27 Main Street, Cambuslang, G72 7HB Phone: 0303 123 1008


  • Hamilton/Blantyre/Larkhall local Social Work Office, Brandon Gate, 1 Leechlee Road, Hamilton, ML3 0XB Phone: 0303 123 1008
  • Douglas Street Community Health Clinic, 19 Douglas Street, Hamilton, ML3 0DR Phone: 01698 368711

East Kilbride

  • East Kilbride local Social Work Office, Civic Centre, Andrew Street, East Kilbride, G74 1AB Phone: 0303 123 1008
  • Hunter Community Health Centre, Andrew Street, East Kilbride, G74 1AD Phone: 01355 597456

When is the service available?

We are generally open from 9am until 4.45pm, Monday to Thursday and from 9am until 4.15pm on a Friday.

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Social work enquiries

For calls during office hours

Phone: 0303 123 1008

Social work emergency service

For emergencies outwith office hours

Phone: 0303 123 1008
Email: Social work emergency service