Road works

Clyde Bridge, Pettinain

The Clyde Bridge on the C29 Pettinain Road was closed in September 2019 due to its deteriorating condition.

The bridge is closed to traffic and pedestrians with a diversion in place. An improvement plan is in progress with construction work scheduled to start in summer 2021 as long as any necessary land purchases are carried out voluntarily.

Normally compulsory purchase documentation would be available to view in council offices and in libraries but can't be done due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Instead the information will be published here with supporting maps and documentation. If you use assistive technology some of this information may not be accessible, for instance scanned maps. Ths is something we will fix in the future.

Compulsory Purchase Order

Replacement of Clyde Bridge by Pettinain

Compulsory Purchase of Land (Scotland) Regulations 2003

Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020

The Compulsory Purchase of Land (Scotland) Regulations 2003 requires South Lanarkshire Council to make available for public inspection The South Lanarkshire Council (Replacement of Clyde Bridge by Pettinain) Compulsory Purchase Order 2020 authorising the Council as the Acquiring Authority to purchase compulsorily for the purpose of carrying out works in terms of a road improvement scheme to replace the existing Clyde Bridge road bridge and improve and re-align the C29 road on approach to the Bridge, the land which is described in the First Schedule to the Order and is delineated red and coloured pink on the map signed with reference to the Order and marked "Map referred to in The South Lanarkshire Council (Replacement of Clyde Bridge by Pettinain) Compulsory Purchase Order 2020”, which Map is incorporated in the Order.

In terms of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 Schedule 6 Part 3 Paragraph 9, South Lanarkshire Council are of the view that giving notice of where the map or list may be inspected, or making it available for inspection in a particular manner, may give rise to a significant risk of the transmission of coronavirus, or is likely to be ineffective or inappropriate due to action taken in order to control the incidence or transmission of coronavirus and accordingly the following items are available here:

View the Compulsory Purchase of Land (Scotland) Regulations 2003.