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Road works

Resurfacing programme

These are the roads we will be resurfacing in the financial year 2019/2020.


A749 East Kilbride Road, Rutherglen, Fishescoats Rd south (towards East Kilbride) to 80m past Blairbeth Rd. Cost of works - £106,525
Fernbrae Avenue, Rutherglen, full length. Cost of works - £32,000
Fernhill Road, Rutherglen, Neilvaig Drive to Woodend Road. Cost of works - £175,000
Main Street Cambuslang, junction with Greenlees Road. Cost of works - £17,500
Stonelaw Road, Rutherglen, Buchanan Drive north to Parkhill Drive. Cost of works - £136,250


A70 Carnwath, Junction B7016 to Westend. Cost of works - £145,000
A70 Rigside, B7055 junction to Village Gateways Rigside. Cost of works - £146,000
A72, B7018 to smugglers Brig. Cost of works - £380,000
A72 Lanark Road Crossford, Holmwood Park to Holm Road. Cost of works - £100,000
A73 Lanark Road Carluke, Tesco to Bushelhead Road. Cost of works - £185,000
A73 Lanark, Lanark Road/Hyndford Road/Wellgatehead/Wellgate. Cost of works - £78,000
A73 Thankerton, between Sherifflats Road and St Johns Kirk. Cost of works - £112,000
A702 Crawford, South to Elvanfoot junction. Cost of works - £275,000
A702 Elvanfoot, phone mast to Troloss. Cost of works - £100,000
A706, Lower Throughburn to Bog Road. Cost of works - £196,000
A721, Kaimend to Carnwath. Cost of works - £192,000
B797 Leadhills, A702 junction to Parkend Cottage. Cost of works - £270,000
B7078 Lesmahagow, Milton Slips to B7018 junction. Cost of works - £408,000
C36, Newholm to Croft-an-Righ. Cost of works - £130,500
Bagmoors Road, Pettinain, from Hall to termination. Cost of works - £21,000
Biggar Mill Road, Biggar, junction McAlpine Avenue to termination. Cost of works - £35,000
Caledonia Gardens, Coalburn, no.12 to turning area. Cost of works - £21,000
Cairneymount Road, Carluke. Cost of works - £78,000
Castlegate, Lanark, Hyndford Place to Castlebank Park. Cost of works - £140,000
Crookboat Road, Sandilands, Kirkfieldbank Road junction to Prettsmill Bridge. Cost of works - £44,800
Curries Close, Douglas, full street. Cost of works - £21,840
Differick Drive, Lesmahagow, full street. Cost of works - £50,400
Drumalbin Road, Carmichael, from A70 to C24. Cost of works - £67,373
Eastend Terrace, Carstairs, full length. Cost of works - £20,500
Glebe Avenue, Douglas, full street, Cost of works - £112,000
Greenrig Road, Hawksland, Leelaw Road junction to No.211 Greenrig Road. Cost of works - £167,500
Greenshields Road, Biggar, replaces Area of Coventry for fencing. Cost of works - £65,000
Greenside Lane, Lanark, full length. Cost of works - £16,000
Hawthorn Place, Douglas, full street. Cost of works - £23,000
Lochanbank Drive, Kirkmuirhill, full street. Cost of works - £54,000
Manse Road, Carstairs, full length. Cost of works - £20,500
Milne Street, Carstairs, full length. Cost of works - £18,000
Ponfeigh Road, Rigside, Townhead Farm (James Henry Prentice Haulage) to A70 junction. Cost of works - £154,000
Springhill Street, Douglas, full street. Cost of works - £80,550
Tower Road, Douglas, Wolfcrooks Road to Rawhills Farm access. Cost of works - £41,250
Vere Terrace, Kirkmuirhill, full street including Robertson Close. Cost of works - £53,250
Weston at C36 to Walston, from junction C36 to rail bridge. Cost of works - £65,000
Whauphill, Forth, Climpy Road to Merlindale. Cost of works - £15,000

East Kilbride

A71 Darvel Road, Strathaven, Townhead Street to End of Muirkirk Gardens. Cost of works - £55,500
A71 Kirk Street, Strathaven, Todshill Street to Ryeland Street. Cost of works - £100,000
A723 Hamilton to Strathaven Road, Maiden Lea to Shotlinn, Cost of works - £292,725
B7086 Lesmahagow Road, Strathaven, Windhill House towards Sandford cross roads. Cost of works - £250,000
C133 Waterhead Peelhill and Linbank Highway, Strathaven, B745 - Syde Farm. Cost of works - £78,000
Ardochrig Highway, Auldhouse, car park entrance to Meadowhead Highway. Cost of works - £175,000
Arrotshole Road, East Kilbride, Hawbank Road to Hawbank roundabout. Cost of works - £38,000
Bridge Street, Strathaven, from Waterside Street to Castle Street. Cost of works - £15,000
Craigthornhill Road, Glassford, Burnside Highway to High East Quarter and Craighead to boundary. Cost of works - £66,250
Dovecastle Drive, Strathaven, No 76 to end including Goodbush Hill, Middlerig and Finnart Place. Cost of works - £58,500
Eaglesham Road, Jackton, from Jackton Road to Hayhill Road. Cost of works - £40,000
Eaglesham Road, Jackton, from Peel Road to Police College. Cost of works - £108,000
Glenburn Road, East Kilbride, Milton Road to Glenburn Way. Cost of works - £88,000
Greenhills Road, East Kilbride, Lickprivick Road and Stroud Road roundabouts including approaches. Cost of works - £220,000
Hamilton Road Industrial Estate, Strathaven, full length. Cost of works - £89,000
Holm Street, Strathaven, full length. Cost of works - £25,625
Law Place, East Kilbride, Mavor Avenue roundabout to No.9. Cost of works - £139,000
Lindsayfield Road, East Kilbride, Greenhills Road to Lindsayfield Avenue. Cost of works - £100,000
Low Kype Highway, Strathaven, full length, Cost of works - £70,000
Meadowhead Highway, Auldhouse, from Cladence Highway to Meadowhead Farm. Cost of works - £50,000
Methven and Burnbrae Place, East Kilbride, full length. Cost of works - £29,000
Millwell Road, Auldhouse, several areas between Cleughearn Farm to Auldhouse Road and junction with Cleughearn Road. Cost of works - £31,250
Scott Hill (including patching on Burns Park), East Kilbride, full length. Cost of works - £45,000
Stewartfield Way, East Kilbride, Castleglen Road to Glasgow Southern Orbital. Cost of works - £203,000
Stewartfield Way, East Kilbride, Kingsgate to Heritage Park. Cost of works - £356,000
Stroud Road, East Kilbride, From Laburnum Avenue to Quarry Road. Cost of works - £128,000
Tewkesbury Road, East Kilbride, Thorndyke to Barrie Road roundabout. Cost of works - £90,000
The Murray Road, East Kilbride, From Murrayhill to Owen Avenue. Cost of works - £162,500
West Mains Road, East Kilbride, East Mains Road to Burncrooks Avenue. Cost of works - £203,000
West Mains Road (2/3), East Kilbride, (3) Hawbank roundabout (west) to Queensway and (2) Burncrooks Avenue to beyond 22 Reay Avenue. Cost of works - £203,000


A71 Ayr Road / Cornsilloch Brae, Larkhall, Garrion bridge towards Ashgill. Cost of works - £220,000
A724 Burnbank Road, Hamilton, Clydesdale Street to Dalziel Street. Cost of works - £160,000
B7012 Main Street, Blantyre, works access to roundabout at First Road (north side of dual carriageway). Cost of works - £64,000
B7019 Hamilton Street, Larkhall, Summerlee Road to Drygate Street. Cost of works - £98,000
B7071 Cadzow Street, Hamilton, Leechlee Road to Muir Street.  Cost of works - £136,000
Albert Terrace, Hamilton, full length. Cost of works - £25,000
Ansdell Avenue, Blantyre, full length. Cost of works - £60,000
Ballantrae Road, Blantyre, full length. Cost of works - £100,000
Bent Road, Hamilton, Mill Road to Dixon Street. Cost of works - £145,000
Bertram Street/Woodland Terrace, Larkhall, full length plus footway. Cost of works - £50,000
Birch Brae, Hamilton, full length. Cost of works - £28,000
Blantyre Road, Bothwell, full length. Cost of works - £84,000
Calder Street, Blantyre, Craig Street to Victoria Street. Cost of works - £35,000
Cowan Wilson Avenue, Blantyre, Farm Road to Holmswood Avenue (including junction Heathcliff Avenue). Cost of works - £68,000
Fallside Road, Bothwell, Olifard Avenue to roundabout at Farm Court. Cost of works - £70,000
Farm Road, Blantyre, junction Cowan Wilson Avenue to junction Holmswood Avenue. Cost of works - £19,000
Hamilton Road, Blantyre, Stoneymeadow Road to Greenhall Estate access. Cost of works - £170,000
Hillhead Crescent/Hillhead Terrace, Hamilton, full length. Cost of works - £53,000
Hillside Crescent/Lane/Terrace/Alness Terrace, Hamilton, full length. Cost of works - £110,000
Hill Street/Montgomery Street, Larkhall, full length. Cost of works - £70,000
Howard Street/Rannoch Terrace, Larkhall, full length plus footway. Cost of works - £51,000
Howie Street/Beech Terrace, Larkhall, full length plus footway. Cost of works - £52,000
Lindams, Uddingston, full length. Cost of works - £32,000
Lower Millgate, Uddingston, M74 overbridge to Main Street. Cost of works - £89,500
New Street, Stonehouse, The Cross to no. 63. Cost of works - £52,000
Sherry Drive (phase 2), from footbridge to roundabout at Stewart Avenue. Cost of works - £100,000
South Avenue, Blantyre, East Avenue to Sixth Road (north and south sides). Cost of works - £200,000
Springfield Crescent, Blantyre, full length. Cost of works - £27,500
Vicars Road, Stonehouse, full length. Cost of works - £35,000

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