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People Connect

Terminating employment

Leaving your employment with South Lanarkshire Council

Follow the steps below to submit your resignation on People Connect.

  • Where possible, inform your manager of your resignation before using this process and agree your leaving date.
  • Login to People Connect Employee and click Terminate Employment.
  • Re-enter your login details to access the termination screen.
  • A summary page will show your employment details–if you have multiple assignments then you two choices. 1) select the specific job you want to resign from or 2) select ALL if you want to leave the council completely. 
  • Click continue to carry on with your resignation.
  • You should now see the screen below.  If your line manager is absent, you can pick an alternate manager to approve your termination (although this option is not available to employees with more than one job.)
  • You must complete all the sections marked with an asterisk– your last day of employment, reason for leaving and personal email address so we can email your P60 to you. (If you do not have a personal email address leave this blank, and we will post your P60 to you.)
  • You will also be asked to complete the voluntary, confidential exit questionnaire to provide details of your experience as a council employee.
  • When you have completed your resignation, you will receive an email acknowledgement.
  • You can also withdraw or amend your resignation if required.