Learn On Line

Accessing the courses

On the homepage, you will see the Resources tiles. Select the relevant tile.

Learn On Line home page expanded view showing new content and Resources tiles


The list of programmes in the Resources tile will show. Choose the correct one from the list. Please note: the arrow will take you back one step and the home button will return you to the homepage.

Learn On Line view of programmes within a resource tile


When the programme opens, you can choose which course you want to complete. Simply click on the course and it will open.

Learn On Line view of course within a programme


On the course button, you can see information about the course and the progress you have made.  Also, you can ‘like’ a course or using the arrow you can recommend it to people in a Community you are a member of. The history of your course completions will show in Learning Experiences.

Searching for a course

You can also search for courses using the search facility.

learn online homepage showing search at the top


For example, if you are looking for a course on assertiveness you should type all or part of the title, for example, assert, as shown in the screen below.

Click on the magnifying glass button at the right hand side of the search box and the system will search for anything matching the criteria. You can refine the search by selecting on of the headings.

Learn On Line search results view


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