Covid-19 Frequently asked questions

Covid-19 specific

I live with a vulnerable/ill person and am very worried about infecting them?

We understand that this is a worrying time, NHS guidance advises If you are well and showing no symptoms you should attend work.  You should strictly follow the NHS guidance on social distancing at work and take all necessary precautions in your home. If you have the facilities to carry out tasks from home then this can also be discussed with your line manager.

I am over 70 and worried about becoming infected?

NHS guidance has advised that over 70's are at higher risk from severe illness from COVID 19 and therefore you should strictly follow the guidelines on social distancing. Please contact your line manager to discuss tasks that you are able to complete at home.

My husband has been sent home from work - should I self-isolate?

If your partner has been sent home as they are displaying symptoms the person who has symptoms should stay at home for 7 days from the day their symptoms started. All other household members should stay at home for 14 days even if they don’t have symptoms themselves. The 14-day period starts from the first day the person had symptoms. Please visit the NHS guidance website for more information on self-isolation.

I have an underlying health condition, should I be self isolating?

You should check the government guidance and NHS inform website to establish if your underlying health condition is a condition identified by the government which places you in the 'vulnerable groups' category.  The Government has sent letters to people who are recommended to self isolate for 12 weeks due to their health conditions and these people are being contacted by our Shielding Helpline.    If you have a condition but are not on the Shielding list, it is a personal decision as to whether you self isolate or not. You should discuss your condition with your line manager and they will discuss with you safety measures that are in place in your place of work and tasks that you are able to complete at home. If you require further medical advice regarding your condition please consult your GP.

I do not have a diagnosed underlying health condition, however, I am undergoing tests for a condition that would fall under the classifications, what should I do?

Note the guidance about Shielding and follow the advice from NHS inform and discuss this with your line manager and the possibility of undertaking tasks at home.

I have type 2 diabetes, should I be self isolating?

Follow the advice on the NHS website, Type 2 is not a high risk.  If it is well managed, employees should be available for work,  there is no need to self isolate.  In this case you will not have received an NHS letter regarding the need to  "shielding for 12 weeks" unless you are high risk and this is unlikely if Type 2.  You should follow any advice direct form your GP.

I am pregnant and worried about becoming infected?

NHS guidance has advised that pregnant women have an increased risk of severe illness as a result of COVID 19 and therefore you should strictly follow the guidelines on social distancing and those employees should contact their line manager to discuss tasks that you are able to complete at home.

A member of my team has been diagnosed with COVID-19, what should I do?

If you are not symptomatic, NHS guidance states there is no need to self isolate and you should continue to work as normal.

If someone in my team has either been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is showing symptoms, should I brief the other members of staff?

If someone has been diagnosed with COVID-19 confirmed and they have been in CLOSE contact with their work colleagues in the last 14 days we should tell them.  However they should remain at work unless they are symptomatic.   This would be the same advice for anyone who has not been confirmed, but is having symptoms. 

I am a health care worker and have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 who is NOT a member of my household, what should I do?

The advice is that in these circumstances Health Care workers can carry on working as long as they are well. If they develop any of the COVID- 19 symptoms they should follow the steps for self-isolation in line with the NHS guidance.

What do I do if I am stopped by the police and are a key worker attending for work?

The Police are aware that the Council have key workers.  You should inform the Police of your role and if you have one, show your ID pass.  You will also have received a letter of comfort from the Council to confirm this but if you have not received this please speak to your line manager.

A member of my household has received the letter from the NHS advising them to undertake "Shielding".  Should I still attend work?

Follow the guidance from the NHS which the member of your household will have received.  If this recommends others in the house continue with social distancing, and you are doing this already at work then you would be able to continue to attend, but discuss this with you line manager.

What do I do if I'm in a tenant's house and they're unwilling or unable to maintain a safe distance of 2m?

If a customer/tenant does not maintain a safe distance of 2m, as per social distancing, then an employee is entitled to remove themselves from the situation and should then notify their line manager.  Alternatively, if they're concerned prior to such a visit then they should speak to their line manager in the first instance.

Are there any plans to test care staff for Covid19?

There are no plans for this at present.

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