Property band - how to appeal

You can appeal against the band in which your property has been placed but there are time limits on lodging your appeal:

  • within six months of first becoming a taxpayer in respect of the dwelling
  • within six months of the Assessor altering the band
  • within six months of a relevant appeal decision by the local Valuation Appeal Committee, the Court of Session or the House of Lords in respect of a dwelling comparable to yours which gives reasonable grounds to contend that the band applicable to your dwelling should be changed or because the decision states a general principle
  • at any time there has been a material reduction in the value of the dwelling
  • at any time the balance between domestic and business use changes (for example, in hotels or boarding houses)

South Lanarkshire Council are not responsible for banding properties. This is done by the independent Lanarkshire Valuation Joint Board.  If you would like more information or want to appeal against your Council Tax band please visit the Lanarkshire Valuation Joint Board website.