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Scottish Welfare Fund

Request a review

First tier review

If you disagree with our decision on your application, you can ask us to review the decision. To request a review, please use our online form. On submission of your review online you can chose to receive confirmation to your nominated email address confirming receipt by filling in the appropriate part on the form. If you are unable to use the online facility you should submit your review in writing.

Your request should be sent within 20 working days from the date on your decision letter.

Your initial review request should include:

  • the date and reference number from your award letter
  • detail the items that you wish us to review
  • the reasons why you do not think the right decision has been made
  • information which you think might make a difference to our decision
  • information on any changes to your circumstances since you made your application which might make a difference to our decision

This initial review will be carried out by a different decision maker from the Scottish Welfare Fund Team and we will aim to let you know the results of your review within two working days for crisis grants and 15 working days for community care grants.

Independent second tier review

If you still disagree with our decision after this initial review, you have the right to ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) for an independent review. The SPSO is not part of the council.

You should ask the SPSO for an independent review within one month of receiving our decision. In some circumstances you may be able to ask for a review after this. You should contact the SPSO for advice.

You can ask the SPSO for a review over the telephone or in writing. If you prefer they will send you a form in the post, or you can print it off their website or fill it in online.

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