Support for business

Our performance

We help many businesses from start-ups to SMEs, as well as attracting multi-nationals to the area. This can be anything from finding premises and a workforce to relocatiing.


Business Gateway have undertaken 96 business development reviews

Business Gateway have 106 growth clients

27 business grants were awarded a total of £93,814 in business grants

We received 60 enquiries for funding assistance

160 jobs were created or sustained with the help of business grants

There were 137 enquiries made to the Lanarkshire Property Advice Service

834 new jobs were created as a result of Business Gateway support

There were 253 new business starts

There has been a £76.28 million increase in sales following Business Gateway assistance

993 clients engaged with Business Gateway

936 SMEs registered with the Supplier Development Programme

12 SMEs are attending Supplier Development training

£24.5 million of export sales were achieved with Business Gateway assistance

£283,876 of investment projects are receiving grant support

£2.58 million is the projected increase to the turnover of companies who have been helped with grants