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Brexit advice for businesses

The UK left the European Union on 31 January 2020. This process is often known as 'Brexit'.

Scottish Enterprise along with their partners are helping businesses across Scotland adapt to the new operating environment following our exit from the European Union. You can find information on the changing requirements for dealing with the EU and the processes you need to have in place to continue your relationship with member states on the Scottish Enterprise website.

The website includes information on exporting to the EU, importing from the EU, our trade and customs key dates timeline, trading with Northern Ireland, customs documentation, Rules of Origin, VAT, Brexit helpline information for businesses, and Brexit FAQs, developed from business feedback. 

Employee information - Employing EU nationals or UK citizens abroad

If you employ EU citizens or you have UK citizens employed and located abroad there may be changes to legislation to ensure they can work, travel or reside either in the UK or in what will remain as the EU.

We are particularly keen to make sure that EU citizens living and working in South Lanarkshire - we estimate around 5000 - are informed about their rights.

The Home Office has produced an employer toolkit on the EU settlement scheme to ensure employers and their staff are fully informed.

The UK government has published a Statement of Intent on how the EU Settlement Scheme will work for EU nationals and their families to secure long-term status in the United Kingdom after Brexit. EU nationals should be made aware of the application process to secure “settled status” and employers should consider taking steps to ensure a smooth transition for their EU national employees when the UK leaves the EU.


At present Scottish and UK procurement rules are set out in EU legislation. The terms of Brexit will impact on how the public sector buys goods and services and how your business will tender for these contracts. To ensure your business keeps up with developments on the impact of Brexit on procurement please register with the Supplier Development Programme.

More advice

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