Support for business

Current tenders

The Contract Register is a record of all contracts used by the council where the contract value exceeds £2,500. This includes contracts awarded by the council and contracts used by the council but awarded by other bodies such as Scotland Excel and Procurement Scotland.

Accessing contract opportunities

We want to make it as simple as possible for you to do business with the council.

The first step in supplying to us, and the wider Scottish public sector, is to register with Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) and Public Contracts Scotland Tender (PCS-T).

The Council conducts all Tender activity electronically through Public Contracts Scotland – Tender (PCS-T) with lower value quotations being sought via PCS Quick Quote.

  • PCS-T hosts all tender activity over the value of £50k
  • PCS hosts all Quick Quotes under the value of £50k

We would advise all suppliers to register on both systems to allow them to gain access to any tender opportunities the Council may have.

Current tenders

A list of current tenders and future opportunities is on the PCS website. We do not have a list of approved suppliers.

Standing orders on contracts

Our Standing orders on contracts are a statutory requirement, agreed and approved by the council's Executive Committee. Standing orders apply to the procurement of supplies, services and works and are defined by three value thresholds:

  • below £2500 - where the value of any procurement is below £2500, there is no need for a formal tendering procedure. All procurements below £2500 need to demonstrate best value and comply with our Code of Corporate Governance
  • between £2500 and £50,000 - where the value of a procurement is below £50,000, there is no need for a formal tendering procedure but the procurement must demonstrate best value and comply with our standing orders on contracts. At least 5 competitive quotations must be obtained via Public Contracts Scotland Quick Quote (including 2 quotes/bids from SMEs in South Lanarkshire, if available)
  • over £50,000 - a procurement above £50,000 must be conducted via a tendering procedure recognised by the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015

We are bound by the European Procurement Directives to advertise tenders in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) where there is a known or estimated value over the relevant threshold. Tendering exercises must be open to competition and conducted with probity, equity and transparency.