Support for business

Coronavirus Business Support Fund

Applications for these grants closed at 5pm Friday 10 July 2020.

  • if you previously applied for a grant but we asked you for more information to assess your application, you must provide it by 5pm on Friday 31 July, otherwise we will consider the application to be withdrawn
  • non-qualifiers may request an internal review of the case. Requests for an internal review received after 5pm on Friday July 31 will not be considered
  • if applications were dependant on the views of the Assessor (for example to determine if the premises should be included in the Non-Domestic Rates Valuation Roll), this may be delayed until the Assessor is able to make a site visit. In such cases, where possible, we will endeavour to process the application using other evidence to support the decision
  • applications received after 5pm on Friday, 10 July will not be considered
  • online application forms (phases 1,2 and 3) were removed at 5pm on Friday 10 July
  • where a request for more information is not met, the case will be considered withdrawn and recorded as such
  • after 10 July, requests for more information from an applicant should be provided before 5pm on Friday 14 August
  • internal review will continue to be offered if requested before 5pm on Friday 31 July. Requests made after then may be refused (default position is to consider review requests unless applicant has previously challenged decision with response provided)