Financial help

Business Grant detailed guidelines

The purpose of the grant funding is to help companies that have up to 250 employees by making jobs safe, increasing employment, and increasing turnover and profits. The funded project should help improve the business either by expanding it, making work faster or to a higher standard. You should be able to demonstrate how the project will do this and why you need funding.

  • your businesses must be based in South Lanarkshire
  • you must be operating as a sole-trader, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited by guarantee, social enterprise or limited company
  • your maximum turnover must be £8.4m/€10m 
  • we will consider applications from manufacturing, services to manufacturing, services, independent retailers, professional and personal services if you can provide evidence of possible results and need  
  • your invoicing and business correspondence address must be in South Lanarkshire. Alternatively you must be able to show that you pay non-domestic rates (if applicable) to South Lanarkshire Council.   
  • if you are part of a group or franchise with a headquarters outwith South Lanarkshire, you must be able to show that your operation has an independent cost centre responsible for your finances and management accounts 
  • your business must remain in South Lanarkshire for the duration of the support
  • if you move premises outwith this area you will have to repay some, or all, of the grant

The decision as to whether your business is given a grant lies with the Council and sometimes we will place an upper limit on the amount awarded.

As part of your application you must be able to show evidence that the project will result in at least two of the following:
  • an increase in jobs and/or jobs safeguarded depending on the fund you are accessing
  • an increase in turnover
  • profit (including resource efficiency)
There are other conditions your business must meet to be considered for a grant:
  • you must be able show and provide evidence that you need a grant for the project to go ahead  
  • you must be able to show and provide evidence that a lack of funding is preventing, delaying or limiting business growth  
  • the project must not have already started as this will make it difficult to work out if you need our help. A project appraisal must have been completed by the South Lanarkshire Business Development Team and a formal offer made before you commit to start the project
  • you must not be engaged in serious and organised criminal activity as defined in section 28 to 31 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010

The Business Recovery and Growth Grants will not fund projects in full. The maximum grant will be up to 50% of the total (eligible) project cost and up to the maximum funding level set for each fund.

Most of the funding for the project should be met by you or come from other sources in the private sector, for example bank loans. The maximum total public sector funding from different public sector sources (including Business Loans Scotland) is 50%. 

The maximum total grant awarded to your business under this programme is £10,000 for Business Recovery Grants and £20,000 for Business Growth Grants.

The Business Recovery and Growth Grants cannot be used to provide working capital.

Grant funding is paid retrospectively and only after full evidence of payment has been provided.  

A limit on the duration of any support may be placed on any offer we make.

Implementation of the identified requirements may be carried out by any suitably qualified organisation but it is your responsibility to draw up an appropriate contract with them.

When applying you must give us details of the full cost of the project including any other financial help awarded.  

We will withhold payment if any guideline is not complied with (unless you have a written dispensation) or if any information is provided which is misleading or incorrect, or if any information required is not fully provided with copies of the appropriate source documentation.

It is important that we monitor and evaluate how effective the Business Recovery and Growth Grants are and how it improves the local economy.

If you have had help from the fund you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. The information will be gathered and analysed to help improve to the programme. You will also be asked about how you felt things went when dealing with the Council and liaison and monitoring will be provided by an officer from South Lanarkshire Council.

The names of all companies receiving support and the value of the support will be reported to councillors and to our funding partners. 

Additional conditions may be imposed if considered appropriate by South Lanarkshire Council.

Applying for a grant

To find out about grant support please complete an online enquiry form.