Sustainable development and Climate Change Strategy

Our Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy covers the period from 2017 to 2022.

As well as delivering services in a more sustainable way we have a legislative duty to contribute to national climate change targets and help Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy.

The draft strategy sets out our overall approach to sustainable development and addresses the challenges and opportunities of climate change.  It outlines the changes in sustainable development and climate change policy and the Council's strategic outcomes for sustainable development and climate change over the next five years.

The strategy is organised around three themes:

  • sustainable council - what we do to manage our own impact on the environment
  • sustainable environment - what we do to protect and enhance the natural and physical environment for the benefit of all
  • sustainable communities - explains what we do to enable communities live more sustainably

The strategy is relevant to everyone who lives and works in South Lanarkshire and we will work with partners, local businesses and communities to enable the people of South Lanarkshire to live more sustainably and enjoy the benefits of a high quality environment.

Achieving sustainable development is a huge task and requires all sectors of society to work towards it, including national government, businesses, local communities and the voluntary sector.

Please also see information about our Sustainability partnership.

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Sustainable development strategy

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