Annual Statement/Report on climate change

We signed Scotland's Climate Change Declaration in 2007.

The declaration acknowledges the reality and importance of climate change and by signing it we will respond to the challenges highlighted in the declaration. These commitments will be carried out through our Sustainable development and climate change strategy and Carbon management plan.

All of Scotland's local authorities have come together with the Scottish Government and several other national agencies to support this declaration. We will work together with others to address climate change through local leadership and action.

In 2010, South Lanarkshire community planning partners signed a joint Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration committing signatories to take action to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions, work with others to reduce emissions within the areas they represent and report their actions to the public.

In 2015 a new mandatory report was introduced by Scottish Government for public sector bodies to demonstrate compliance with their climate change duties. The 2020/21 report for South Lanarkshire Council has been submitted.

For previous years' climate change duties report please go to the Sustainable Scotland Network website.

For more information please contact Community and Enterprise Resources and ask for the Sustainable Development Officer.

Climate change - time is running out