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Local Development Plan 2 open for consultation

Published Thursday, 26 July 2018

Local development plan 2

Our communities have the chance to comment on the council's vision for the continued growth and regeneration of the area.

Following committee approval in May, the proposed plan is the latest stage in the replacement of the existing South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan which has formed the policy basis of the council's decision-making process on planning applications since it was adopted in June 2015. 

Proposed new development sites and local nature reserves have been mapped.

And following on from guidelines in the current Local Plan, consideration continues to be given to the land use issues arising from the impact of climate change by seeking to ensure developments are sustainably located; maximise the use of vacant and derelict land; utilise renewable energy resources and are as carbon neutral as possible whilst avoiding areas of flood risk.

From today, Thursday 26 July, the proposed South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan 2 is available to view and make comment on for a period of 8 weeks. Anyone who wants to make comment on the documents should follow the links to the online consultation portal. Alternatively comments can be emailed to

Hard copies of the report can be inspected in local libraries as well as at the planning office in Montrose House, Montrose Crescent, Hamilton.

Following consultation, a series of reports will be prepared and submitted to the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) with a view to a public inquiry being held early in 2019. Only unresolved representations will be submitted to the DPEA.

Councillor Alistair Fulton, Chair of the council's Planning Committee, said: "The South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan 2 promotes the continued growth and regeneration of South Lanarkshire, whilst at the same time protecting and enhancing the environment. The plan builds on the first South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan by continuing with the programme of house building in the Community Growth Areas and encouraging the development of Masterplan and Development Framework sites. In addition, new projects such as City Deal and the council's own house building programme, have been identified as key priorities for us over the next few years.”