Budget savings options

Everyone in South Lanarkshire is being urged to give their views on the budget plans. These include a range of savings options that are up for consideration to plug a budget gap currently estimated at £11.8million. This gap could be reduced depending on the level of council tax increase which can be agreed.

Like most of the public sector, we have been facing funding challenges at a time when demand for services has been rising. We have already had to find almost £155 million in savings over the last 10 years.

We have already completed an initial consultation – thanks to all who took the time to complete it.

We now have a second survey which goes into more detail about specific savings options on certain services.

Graphic with stacks of coins showing the savings delivered each year. £26.137 million in 2011/12. £12.249 million in 2012/13. £11.792 million in 2013/14. £10.336 million in 2014/15. £18.242 million in 2015/16. £24.130 million in 2016/17. £18.815 million in 2017/18. £15.245 million in 2018/19. £10.764 million in 2019/20. £6.922 million in 2020/12

Proposals to set the budget will not be finalised until the New Year, after the council has been told what its grant will be from the Scottish Government.

We are always open to ideas about how the council can save money and do more with our resources. If you have any suggestions on how we could do this please send an email to savings@southlanarkshire.gov.uk.