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Public swim session safety measures - Lifestyles Eastfield

Public swim session safety measures - Lifestyles Eastfield

The following measures have been implemented to ensure a safe and practical return to pool activities at Lifestyles Eastfield.

The measures cover each step of the participant’s journey from home to site and home again. These measures will always be in place and remain under continual review. SLLC will follow the guidance from the Scottish Government and governing bodies. Procedures will be updated as and when the guidance changes with the gradual lifting of social restrictions.

General customer rules and key points to stop the spread of Coronavirus

Do not come to the pool if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 (temperature, cough, or loss of taste or smell), you can find the latest guidance on NHS inform website.

People who are symptomatic should self-isolate for 10 days and household members for 14 days as per NHS guidance.

No one who is self-isolating should attend a sports facility or activity.

A face covering should be worn before and after your activity in communal areas of the facility such as reception, changing areas and corridors.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided as you enter the facility.

Before your swim

  • You should arrive at the facility no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of your session.
  • Arrive “beach-ready” i.e. with your swimming costume underneath your clothing.
  • Please leave all valuables at home.
  • Enter the building via the right-hand side doors at the main entrance.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided and remove your outdoor footwear.
  • For family swim sessions at the check in desk your name(s) will be taken for Test and Protect protocols. For breadths and lane swimming, on arrival your name will be checked against the booking records for Test and Protect protocols.
  • Follow the floor markings to enter the door onto poolside. Here you will be met by a member of staff who will allocate you a cubicle.  Please leave all your belongings in the cubicle.  This will be locked by a member of staff.
  • Before entering the pool, all bathers are asked to take a quick pre-swim shower. Five showers are available to allow for social distancing. You may need to wait, please be patient.
  • Toilets are available however, due to space, these can only accommodate one person. You may need to wait outside the toilets. Please do so leaving plenty of space for people to pass safely.
  • You should now make your way into the pool.

During a Family swim session

The pool will be open (no tanks or lanes).

During a Breadth swim session

The pool will be split into 3 tanks:

TANK 1 – shallow water (natural shallow end, 1m-1.2m)
TANK 2 – deep water (middle of the pool, 1.5m at deepest point)
TANK 3 – shallow water (floating floor, 1m)

During a Lane swim session

The pool will be split into three double lanes – slow, medium, and fast.

As a guide:

SLOW LANE – for those who, on average, swim 25m in 40secs + and mainly breaststroke.

MEDIUM LANE – for those who, on average, swim 25m between 30-40 seconds and swim mixed strokes.

FAST LANE – for those who, on average, swim 25m in 30 seconds or less and mainly front crawl.

Please note Butterfly is not permitted at this time.

For additional safety:

SLOW LANE – swim clockwise

MEDIUM LANE – swim anti-clockwise

FAST LANE – swim clockwise

Signage will be available at either side of each lane.

Please respect people have different standards and abilities. Everyone has a right to enjoy their swim.

Lane swimming sessions are available for age 12years +

For all sessions

Always maintain social distancing and remain within your family bubble.

Do not, at any time, make physical contact with other participants. Do not overtake whilst swimming.

When you have finished your session please exit the water as quickly as possible and collect your box from your chair. Be mindful of others on poolside, there should not be any passing.

After your swim session

Make your way back into the changing village to your allocated cubicle, a member of staff will be on hand to unlock it for you.  No post swim showers are available.

Put your face mask or covering back on and make your way out of the village following the directional signage.

Please do not gather in groups in the village. 

Hairdryers will not be available.

How to book

All sessions must be booked and paid in advance. No walk-in bookings will be taken.

Bookings can be made online. Every person should book a space regardless of age.

If you are not able to book online, telephone bookings on 0141 642 9500 can be made from 8:00am every day.

If you have an online account but have forgotten your password, click forgot link to reset.

If you have never had an online account before you will require your member ID to get started. This is different to the number on your card. If you require this please Email us.

Swim, Fitness, ACE or Activage members can book their sessions 7 days in advance.

Pay-as-you-go customers will be able to book 5 days in advance.

If you give four hours’ notice or more of a cancellation, your booking will be moved to another available time. If no suitable time is available, you will receive a full refund.

If you fail to give four hours’ notice of a cancellation or do not turn up for a pre-booked class, you will not receive a refund for the lost booking. Members and Activage card holders will be charged a £2 cancellation fee. If you have an outstanding payment (say a £2 cancellation for a class) you may be refused the booking or access to the class until you have paid the outstanding amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will family swims, breadths and lane swimming be available?

We have various slots on the timetable. Timetables can be viewed online and in the centre.

Do I have to book?

Yes, advance booking is essential due to limited capacity.

How long is my booking?

Each session is one hour in the water.

How much will a session cost?

Adult sessions £4.15 (£2.05 concession)
Junior sessions £2.05 (£1.10 concession)
Under 4s free

Will the changing rooms and showers be open?

Showers are available for a pre-swim rinse only. They are not available on your way out due to distancing issues in the showers. Changing rooms are available, lockers are not.

Will there be any hairdryers available?

No, hairdryers are currently out of use.

How many people can attend as a "family"?

Family sessions have a maximum of two adults and three children per group or bubble. This is to ensure safe distancing in the water and around the village.

I have a disability and require assistance, how can I swim?

Access to the pool remains fully accessible. If you require use of the hoist or the personal care room, our team will still be on hand to assist. Should you require any assistance please make the staff member aware as you check in.

Is the Health Suite open?

No, the current guidance does not allow for the sauna or steam room to be open.

Can I restart my membership?

Yes, if you are ready to restart your swim membership please complete our Restart my SLLC swim membership form. We will do the rest for you and confirm everything to you by email.

When will my direct debit start?

Your direct debit date will be confirmed to you by email once the restart form has been received.

Can I continue to freeze my membership?

Yes, if you are still unsure do not worry, your membership will continue to be frozen until you feel ready. If you have any queries regarding our sites please email us.

I have cancelled my membership but wish to re-join, what do I do?

Requests to re-join should be made in writing. Please email Memberships.

I wish to join, what do I do?

You can join online, or email Enquiries for further information.

I no longer want to be a member, what do I do?

We are sorry to see you go, if we can help in any way, let us know by emailing Cancellations.

We have a joint membership; one wants to come back and one wants to continue to freeze. What do I do?

Email Memberships  with the details and we will arrange the amendment for you.

I have an Activage membership - will my 12-month contract be extended for the months I have missed?

Yes it will, please email Memberships for further information.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their continued support. We look forward to seeing you again!!

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