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Available downloads

EYC Newsletter 1

EYC Newsletter 2

EYC Newsletter 3

EYC Newsletter 4

Developing your Ideas Programme (August 2015)

Focusing on Measurement Programme (September 2015)

Follow up to Bootcamp Programme (August 2015)

South Lanarkshire 2 day Bootcamp Programme (June 2015)

EYC Annual Report 2013-14

EYC Annual Report 2014-15

Babysounds Booklet

Children's Services Plan 2021-2023

Children's Services Plan 2012-2018

Children's Services Fourth Annual Report 2015-16

EYC Annual Report 2015-16

Learning Session Storyboard

Our Children's Services Plan Dashboard

Other relevant data available to partners in South Lanarkshire

Children's Services Plan Annual Report 2019-2020