Getting Involved

Community Engagement is about involving individuals, community organisations, service users and businesses in the decision-making process which shape policies and influence the way in which issues are addressed and services delivered.  Effective engagement is the key way of ensuring that the views, knowledge and expertise of local people can support the regeneration of local communities and an improved quality of life in South Lanarkshire.

It is recognised that many benefits can be gained by both partner organisations and communities working together, and that true and effective community engagement can produce better results in terms of the delivery of services and in improvement in the quality of life in local communities.

The South Lanarkshire approach to community engagement is to develop a broad range of opportunities which enable communities to be actively involved at all levels of the Community Planning process.

Communities can be defined in different ways.  There can be 'communities of place' for example a neighbourhood, street or village as well as 'communities of interest' for example young people, ethnic minorities, people who consider themselves to be disabled, business etc.

Currently activity takes place in the following areas:

  • Community Planning Partnership
  • Engagement by Community Planning themed partnerships
  • Area wide engagement
  • Partnership with the community and with the voluntary sector
  • Links with local forums and key organisations
  • Engagement by individual partner organisations

Our work as a partnership is intended to improve outcomes for people who live, play and work in South Lanarkshire, particularly in those areas that experience the poorest outcomes.  There is a lot of evidence that shows that when people are involved in decisions about services which affect them, outcomes are improved.  As a partnership, we want to find ways to speak to communities and encourage them to act themselves and to have an influence on how services are delivered where they live.

There are many ways you can get involved in making decisions on behalf of your community.  To find out more please view the links below:

Further information can also be found in the: South Lanarkshire Community Engagement and Participation Strategy 2020-2025.