Community Safety

The work of the South Lanarkshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is wide-ranging and focused on keeping people safe in their home and wider community.

The CSP has a long track record of considering what impacts on community safety along with the underlying issues.  This has included consideration of the way in which community safety issues are dealt with and particularly those affecting areas or groups who face disadvantage or discrimination in relation to others.  In many instances there is a link between the individual circumstances of people (e.g. income) that could negatively impact on their safety at home and in the wider community.

The aim of the South Lanarkshire CSP is to:

“Protect people’s rights to live without fear, and to go about their lives safe from crime, disorder and free from injury or harm”

Building strong and effective partnerships has been and will continue to be central to the CSP’s approach to safety in the community and provides a fundamental basis for tackling the issues that affect residents, business, and visitors within South Lanarkshire.

This includes the following core membership that is represented on the Safer South Lanarkshire Board which oversees the work of the CSP:

  • Police Scotland;
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service;
  • Community Justice Partnership;
  • Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service;
  • NHS Lanarkshire;
  • Her Majesty’s Prison Addiewell;
  • Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership;
  • South Lanarkshire Council; and
  • Victim Support.

The priorities and key areas of focus of the CSP are:-

  • Drug Misuse - Preventative educational approach directed towards secondary school pupils to deter future drug experimentation and use;
  • Domestic Abuse - Preventative educational approach directed towards secondary school pupils to re-enforce positive behaviours and healthy relationships;
  • Road Traffic Accidents - Preventative approach directed towards driver and pedestrian behaviours to reduce road accidents, road casualties, and the severity of injuries arising;
  • Unintentional Injuries - Preventative pro-active approach directed towards reducing falls among people aged 65 years and over; and
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Related Activity - Preventative educational approach to deter future anti-social behaviour, alongside enforcement approaches.

To support the five key priorities, five strategic outcomes were identified and agreed by the CSP, these are:

  • Contribute to reducing the health, social and economic harm caused by drug misuse;
  • Contribute to reducing both the prevalence and impact of domestic abuse upon victims, children, families and communities;
  • Contribute to making people safe and feel safe using roads in South Lanarkshire;
  • Contribute to reducing the risk of unintentional injuries within the home environment; and
  • Contribute to reducing the impact antisocial behaviour has on people’s lives.