community plan and neighbourhood plans

Community Plan and Neighbourhood Plans 

The statutory framework for Community Planning is set out in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.  The Act requires Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) to prepare and publish two types of plan which describe its local priorities, what improvements it plans for its local communities and when it will make these improvements. 

The first type of plan is called a Community Plan which covers the whole Community Planning Partnership area and sets out the local outcomes which the Partnership will prioritise for improvement and the second type of plan is called a Neighbourhood Plan which will help to improve nine key communities in South Lanarkshire.  

The South Lanarkshire CPP has developed its Community Plan 2022-2032 to create a shared vision to come together and deliver improved opportunities for everyone in our communities which included the completion of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and a copy of the Post Adoption Statement can be found here.

We must use smaller areas within South Lanarkshire to identify residents experiencing the poorest outcomes and then publish individual plans for each area as these specific priorities may differ from those in the overall Community Plan.  The progress of every plan must also be reported publicly and reviewed regularly to ensure any progress continues to meet the needs of those living in these target areas.

None of these smaller areas should have a population of more than 30,000 and it should be agreed what constitutes a valid locality.  Following a detailed analysis of all 431 datazone levels across the 20 wards in South Lanarkshire, nine wards were identified as having sections of deprivation, poverty and inequality.

To find out more about the Neighbourhood Plans and Neighbourhood Planning Annual Progress reports which have been produced please view here.

Area Profiling Tools

You can explore a wde range of statistics about your area and the people who live there.  Topics range from population, income and employment to housing, the environment and public safety.  Please go to our IMPROVE website to find out more about where you live.

Statistical information reports 

South Lanarkshire Council's Central Research Unit publishes reports on statistical trends focusing on wealth and deprivation, enterprises, labour market and earnings, qualifications and learning, benefits take-up and sanctions, population and households, young people and education, community safety, health and care, alcohol and drugs and housing and homelessness.  Some reports can provide information about trends in South Lanarkshire compared to Scotland as a whole with in some cases, information available on a gender and age basis.  There are also reports covering forecasts of employment and population and households.  Please go to the IMPROVE reports page to access these reports.

Child Poverty Action Plan

Work is ongoing to reduce child poverty in South Lanarkshire which includes the publishing of a Child Poverty Action Plan.  Further information about this work can be found here.